KOT49H update (Kitkat) to roll soon to an absurd amount of Samsung Galaxy devices


kot49h update

A leaked document acquired by our friends over at justaboutphones.com details a list of “non-flagship” Samsung Galaxy devices which will receive a long awaited jump to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat over in India.

A source inside Samsung’s Indian wing leaked the document to the site which shows a list of devices too long to fit in the title of this article receiving the OTA KOT49H update, including; The Galaxy S4 Mini, Grand 2,Galaxy Mega 5.8Galaxy Mega 6.3 and last but, not least the Galaxy Note 3 Neo. The word on the street is that the update will start to roll out this month, but unfortunately no exact date has been confirmed.

kot49h update

The update brings with it what we’ve came to expect from KitKat, which can now be found on a plethora of devices, changes include; White status bar icons and notifications, support for wireless printing, quick access to your camera app via the lock screen, NFC tap to pay support, better overall performance and battery life.

If you live in India and have one of the aforementioned devices then you can head on over to your settings app head to More > About device > Software Updates and see if you’ve been lucky enough to receive the OTA KOT49H update yet.