Android Wear App hits Google Play and new page shows off compatible apps


Android Wear App

Android Wear devices won’t ship till next week, and Google are teasing pundits by releasing the Android Wear App, which helps you set up your new piece of kit, as well as updating the Google Play store with an Android Wear section showing you all the apps that are currently Android Wear compatible.

Android Wear App in Google Play Store:

The two current available Android Wear devices (the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live) won’t ship till next week at the earliest, but Google isn’t sitting around doing nothing, they’ve released the Android Wear App. Although the Android Wearables will work straight out of the box, this app will allow you to set default apps for the actions you use your new piece of Android candy. For example, you can set which app you want to set an alarm with (either the default Android app or a third party app), or you can set which app you want to use for your notes, etc. You can also set some of the settings for your device.

Android Wear Google Play Page:

Additionally, Google Play has been given an Android Wear page which displays all the Android Wear compatible apps. There are already about 30 apps with Android Wear compatibility, which is great to see that Android app developers have taken to this technology with such anticipation. Apps already included are some we saw in the Google I/O Keynote such as Google’s own Maps app, Lyft and AllTheCooks, as well as Contacts + (our favourite contacts app), Runtastic and even IFTTT which has just released an Android Wear Channel. Whether other apps will update their apps once the Android Wearables ship and dev’s actually get their hand on the device to test the app.

We can’t wait to see what developers can and will do with Android Wear and the Android Wear App (For example, Contacts+ allows you to share your profile with other users simply by bumping Android Wear arms!), and we especially can’t wait to see which other manufacturers will make an Android Wearable.

You can find the Android Wear App from the Google Play Store here, and see the Android Wear page on Google Play here.