Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition – could it be in the works?


Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition coming soon?

You know a phone is popular when Google take it and make it their own. Others to hold the title of Google Play Edition are the HTC One M8, Nexus 5 and several more. Now, EvLeaks has hinted at a possible Samsung Galaxy S5 GPE with nothing more than a photo.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition:

What does “Google Play Edition” mean? Google take the one of the best selling devieces on the market, strip it of all software from the manufacturer and install a fresh, clean and unadulterated version of Android OS (what ever is the latest release at the time) with no bloatware that you get from the manufacturer. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition, it would strip it of the clunky TouchWiz UI and give it the buttery smoothness of Android KtiKat 4.4.4’s OS and launcher. They then place the device on sale on the Google Play Store under ‘Devices” and it gets all the latest updates straight from Google themselves, without having to wait for a manufacturer or Network to release it first. Many prefer this option, as it’s the cleanest way of getting all the Android OS releases without Routing your phone.

As mentioned above, there were no details from EVLeaks on when or where the Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition would be available, but it’s a tempting thought. You’ll remember when we recently reviewed the Samsung Galaxy S5, we mentioned that one of the main things that lets it down is the clunky launcher in TocuhWiz and bloat ware that comes with all Samsung devices like ChatOn, Knox, Samsung Wallet, Samsung Hub etc (although that is our opinion, you may well love them for it).

Would you buy a Samsung Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition? Have you been waiting for it to be released? Let us know in the comments if you think this is real or just another tease.

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