Samsung unveils the Galaxy Ace 4



Samsung has revealed yet another addition to its evergrowing Galaxy Ace lineup. Meet the Galaxy Ace 4, Samsung latest attempt to provide a decent experience to budget users.

The Galaxy Ace 4 retains the design language from its predecessor but Samsung has opted for the new physical multiasking button scheme otherwise found on newer Samsung devices. The handset comes in 3G and LTE versions, both sporting a 4.0-inch (10 cm) display topping a lowly resolution of 480×800 pixels. No improvements were made in the camera department as the Galaxy Ace 4 packs a 5MP main sensor.


Under the hood things get complicated, Samsung has somehow decided to use different hardware for the two variants. Both use dual-core SoCs but the 3G version has its cores clocked at 1.0GHz compared to 1.GHz for the LTE model which also sports twice as much RAM (1GB in contrast to 512MB) and a beefier 1800mAh battery. Both pack 4GB of onboard storage expandable to 64GB via MicroSD.

At this point it’s quite hard to classify this device considering those diverging specs but its worth noting that both run Android 4.4.2 KitKat. On top there’s Samsung’s latest ‘lightweight’ TouchWiz interface dubbed ‘TouchWiz Essence’ which basically appears to be a stripped, simplified TW version optimized for limited resources.

The Galaxy Ace 4 will be available next month in Classic White or Iris Charcoal, retail prices haven’t been announced yet.