Nvidia’s Tegra K1 chip usefulness goes beyond phones and tablets


tegra k1

These days Google is hosting Google I/O 14 over in San Fransisco, showing off their latest software and a few pieces of hardware too.

Another piece of kit which was prominent was the latest Tegra K1 chipset from NVIDIA which was the engine powering a lot of the demos.

The Nvidia Tegra K1 chipset is the first processor to feature Google’s new Android extension pack which is a gaming extension designed to work with the new Android L release, if you were watching the event live you would’ve seen this in action during Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 demo.

The Tegra K1 also features a couple of other firsts, since Google announced that the new version of Android, currently codenamed “L” which is available this Autumn will have 64 bit support and NVIDIA are currently developing the Tegra K1 on a 64 bit platform.

As well as this the Tegra chipset will be the first to support Android Auto, Google’s new in-car support for Android, as well as support for Android TV and Google’s soon to be released Project Tango tablet.

Google might not have announced any new phones or tablets yesterday, but they’ve shown their dedication to innovate and move into different areas, like TV, cars and the world of robotics, we’re very excited (and worried) to see what role Google plays in the future.