Some Mediatek devices susceptible to SMS Reboot vulnerability


SMS Reboot vulnerabilityMediatek is a company which is mainly known for creating processors for use in smartphones. Their low-cost processors are a favorite with manufacturers creating low-cost devices, although they do also have some high-end processors,such as the first true octa-core MT6592 processor they unveiled a few months back.

Just like other manufacturing companies, they are susceptible to breaches in security and flaws in some of their products. This current hack is quite bizarre.Apparently some devices running Mediatek chips can be rebooted by sending a simple text with ‘=’ as the content (without the quotes).

A a blogger named Korben discovered the vulnerability, even noting that switching to a different ROM doesn’t solve the issue although certain alternatives have been given such as; installing third-party apps and using them in place of the stock app.That however isn’t guaranteed to work. The blogger notes that in MediaTek’s chipset language, the symbol is code for ‘shutdown and reboot device’.

Some of the affected devices are mainly from brands such as Alcatel and Wiko, although considering Mediatek’s use in low cost handsets which happen to be a lot,the case might be a lot more.Check out the video below.

Source Korben,Neowin