Android ‘L’ Preview builds available for Nexus 5/7 devices tomorrow


Material Design

Google demoed quite a lot of stuff during the first day of Google I/O, from the revamped design language dubbed ‘Material Design‘ to some amazing developer tools, new cloud services and TV & car integration

Android ‘L’ marks the end of the traditional Holocentric style in Android 4.0+ as Google focuses on a cleaner and more intuitive UI. A whopping 5000 new APIs were added to the SDK for developers, various features such as Privacy Controls along with built-in malware protection will also be landing in Android. Interestingly Google also mentioned that ‘security patches’ will be rolling out via Play Services although no further information was given.


The details are pretty much vague at this point as Google didn’t demo much of the stuff aforementioned but we know for sure that ART will replace Dalvik. – Major additions to Android will include ‘Project Volta’, a neat battery-saver feature which will most probably be aimed at developers. The graphics department will also be overhauled as major SoC vendors teamed up with Google to deliver better graphics (again no further details available).

Google also debuted Android One which will essentially allow manufacturers to build reference Nexus-style stock Android phones for the masses, those will enjoy faster update rollouts and will be priced competitively.

Android one