Google to preview ‘L’ release of Android at Google I/O


Google I/O

The next major version of Android will be demoed tomorrow at Google I/O. Google’s senior VP Sundar Pichai has confirmed that he’ll be previewing an early build of the upcoming Android version which will be released later this year.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Pichai revealed that Google is willing to show us how far they’ve come with Android. The rumoured HTC ‘Volantis’ might also debut at the same time considering that the Nexus program was reported to have been scrapped. Either way, we’ll surely see a bunch of smartwatches from Samsung at Google I/O if previous reports are spot on.

I want the world to understand what we are doing sooner

The upcoming version of Android is said to feature a flatter and cleaner UI according to a couple of images leaked on the Chromium bug tracker.

So far there is no indication of the actual ‘L’ release moniker but it’ll most probably be Lollipop or Lemonhead.

via Bloomberg