Aluminium made Nexus 9 specs run wild ahead of Google I/O



Its been rumoured for quite sometime that HTC is the next contracted partner by Google to manufacture a Nexus tablet, and honestly after getting my hands on the 90% made of aluminium HTC One M8, I’m glad they did, because it will be a hell of a Nexus tablet, if the following rumours are to be believed.

According to Android Police’s source, the next Nexus tablet is internally called the Nexus 9 and it will be sporting a housing made out of metal. The source also give up the key specs of the Nexus 9. It will feature a 8.9-inch (2048 x 1440) display with 281 ppi, the tab will be powered by Nvidia’s 64-bit processor – Tegra K1 (kind of make sense as Nvidia and Google announced recently their newest partnership) and backed up by 2GB of RAM. Additionally there will be 16/32GB of built-in storage, an 8MP OIS camera on the back, 3MP camera up front, stereo front facing speakers (assuming above and below the screen like the HTC Boomsound, but probably not with that technology).

Nexus 9