Native Email Android app now available on Play store



The standard email client (POP3/IMAP/Exchange) app for Android devices is now available on Google Play store as a standalone application. The Email app is available for the Nexus and Google Play Edition series, however not for the HTC One M7 and Galaxy S4 GPE for now.

The app received a slight facelift bringing contact photos in the left slide-out menu, nested folders and better navigation, however the Search function is still not fully integrated or should I say properly integrated. You can’t search for emails in your Inbox unless you click on one of the emails received, then the Search icon appears in the top right and then you can start searching for what you are looking for.

Google’s default Android email client allows to set up Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and even Outlook accounts, which is nice, and its also much faster.

Why is this announcement important? Because as a standalone app in the store will allow Google to roll updates more often, updates that were possible until now only through a firmware upgrade.

Download Email app from Google Play store available only for Nexus and GPE devices for now.