Gamebench the gaming perfomance app


gamebenchGamebench Android app.

Gaming is a great way to pass time and really test the limits of your Android device’s CPU, GPU. Whether its simple non-graphic intensive games like Candy Crush saga, Flappy Bird or really resource intensive games like Grand theft Auto or Real Racing 3, it really does come down to what your device has under the hood,raw processing power.

At times, the stock Settings / ROMS on our devices may not be hardy enough to deal with the games, or you might not own a smartphone with the latest high-end specs,but after rooting and installing mods like the Xposed module, we can then go on and overclock our devices to meet the resource requirements of the games.But how do you know for sure that what you just implemented to your very precious device actually works? Now there’s a sure, almost perfect solution to this problem, in the form of an app called Gamebech.

GameBench is a free app that not only records FPS and battery life, but also CPU and GPU information and allows you to view screenshots of gameplay in order to correlate drops in framerate with on-screen events. Developed by xda developer forum member ziggyyy, Gamebench basically lets you benchmark your games.

More so, it keeps track of your CPU and GPU usage, which is essential data to help you find your gaming bottleneck.Thus letting you decide whether the changes you made were worth it or not. Check out the link below and tell us what you think about the app.