Samsung Gear Fit Review


Samsung Gear Fit review

Samsung Gear Fit Review.

The Samsung Gear Fit is what happens when you mix a smartwatch with fitness band. The Samsung Gear Fit was announced back in February alongside the company’s flagship smartphone the Galaxy S5 and the Gear 2 / Gear 2 Neo watches, unfortunately if you want to get your hands on a Gear Fit but own a non-Samsung smartphone you’re fresh out of luck, but it might just be worth while getting swapping your current smartphone for a Samsung one in order to get the Gear Fit.


The Gear Fit is probably one of the most ergonomic of the smartwatches currently available and certainly one of the best looking. It has a 1.84 inch curved display which fits very comfortably across the wrist and doesn’t look as obtrusive as the Gear series of smartwatches.

Under the curved display is the charging connection as well as the heart rate monitor, which doesn’t work every time; especially when moving around like for in the gym for example, but can come in handy. To the side of the watch is power button which also works as a home button, when the watch is in sleep mode it can also be awakened by double tapping on the screen. The battery of the gear fit charges up pretty quickly and can easily last for over two days of heavy use.



The software powering the Gear Fit is different to that of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones and that of the Galaxy Gear Smart watch which launched last year. The difference is that is no longer running Android, it’s running Tizen, this is the first Tizen device I’d got my hands on so I was interested to see how well it ran compared to Android. I was pleasantly surprised how well it ran, I noticed no lag, everything ran smoothly and I was able to control media on the device it was paired with as well as a “Find my device” function which located the Galaxy S5 which it was paired to. There was also as expected, various fitness apps, like a pedometer and heart rate monitor. One disadvantage was that I was unable to download any third-party apps like Facebook and Instagram etc although, in all fairness being able to check Facebook on my wrist wasn’t exactly something I’ve been dying to do.

Performance, Function and Battery

 The Gear Fit and the Galaxy S5 both have the facility to check your heart rate, which can be a very useful feature especially if you regularly exercise. I did notice pretty wildly different readings from the heart rate monitor on the GS5 to the one on the Gear Fit, I’d like to hope the Gear fit’s is the more accurate of the two as it regularly gave me a resting heart rate of around 70 bpm where the Galaxy S5 regularly gave me one of 100bpm when I was stood still, which if true, could be quite worrying. Charging with the Gear Fit is pretty simplistic you simply attach the cradle and plug-in the micro USB charger and chargers up nice and quick and can last for days even if you’re constantly using the fitness apps. The Gear Fit is also IP67 water and dust resistant presumably for showering and swimming etc. 


For £169 the Samsung Gear Fit is an absolute steal, it might not have all the functionality of the Gear 2 with its 2 megapixel camera, but it’s a lot less bulky and fits a lot more comfortably on the wrist, sometimes you forget its even there. I would tell you to run out to the shops today and buy one, especially if you partake in a lot of physical activity or plan to but, unless you own one of the select Samsung devices the Gear Fit is compatible with, I’m not really sure it’s worth the jump, unless you were thinking about switching to a Samsung smart device anyway. Hopefully Samsung’s future wearable endeavors will be compatible with all Android devices, but only time will tell.