Android Vs iOS – What Android could do to take a bite out of the Apple


Android Vs iOS

Last week was the WWDC, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (their version of Google IO), where they announced OS X Yosemite, iOS 8 and its massive Dev features. The consumer side of iOS 8 wasn’t massive, some nice update to features already in place and some further integration with its desktop counterpart. The bigger announcement was the Dev side of the release which added massive amounts of API’s and services to Apple Dev’s toolbox. In essence, they opened up their OS a little more, pushing the Android Vs iOS battle to new limits.

Android Vs iOS:

Apart from blowing their own trumpet (let’s face it, what company doesn’t at a developers conference?), Apple CEO Tim Cook wasn’t above taking a cheap shot at Android. When talking about iOS and it’s adoption by users, he boasted that 89% of users were on iOS 7, the latest OS available for mobile devices. Then he said that, compared to Android, that was massive, as less that 1/10 were on Android 4.4 KitKat. He even had a nice graph to illustrate his point.

Android Vs iOS
Tim Cook, Apple CEO, extolling the virtue of iOS against Android.

We know that Android is massively fragmented, with many devices still on OS’s from years ago. But as we recently reported, Android 4.4 KitKat was also up to 13.6% adoption in the last quarter alone. Ok, 13.6% isn’t the same as Apple’s 89%, but iOS isn’t on devices from dozens of manufacturers either.