App Threats: Be Aware of FIFA World Cup Scams!


android-malwareAs the date when the FIFA World Cup 2014 starts comes closer, the number of “World Cup” apps grows larger. And what do we mean by World Cup apps? Those are the apps that should give you any sort of news regarding the FIFA World Cup in real-time. But, there are so many of those apps, and which one of them to download? The answer is none of them, except the one from the official publisher, because most of them are made to cause more harm than good.

As Avast said in its blog post that was published a week ago, there is a good number of shady World Cup apps that aren’t doing what it seems they do at first glance. Several of them were detailed, like the Corner Kick World Cup 2014 app from VinoSports. It’s approximately 1MB large and the only thing it does is display ads on a white space. That’s certainly not what many sports fans were hoping to get from a sports app. The app doesn’t have any malicious activity, but it’s not serving its own right either. Fortunately, it will be removed from the Play Store, if not already.

Another example is “Fifa 2014 Free – World Cup” from Top Game Kingdom LCC. It asks for many permissions, many of which are beyond the scope of the purpose of the app, and that’s what set the alarm. Again, your sensitive data may not be used against you, but who knows? Why would you give out your sensitive information to a shady app?

These are merely just two examples of apps that could harm your device. We can tell you nothing less but to stay safe when browsing apps on Google Play, and to always check the requested permissions from apps you try to download, because someone might want to exploit your precious data.