Galaxy Tab S 12.5 inch 4K prototype gets shown off?


Galaxy Tab S 12.5Galaxy Tab S 12.5 4K tablet.

Outside of Panasonic’s ridiculous 20 inch ToughPad 4K tablet, there’s not really a great deal of offerings in the 4K tablet market. Samsung has at least brought one more to the table with this new 12 inch offering.

Although Galaxy Tab S 12.5 inch display is ultra high definition the only demonstration that has been seen on it so far is in 720p so, the true potential of the display hasn’t been shown. The demonstrator was able to show the press present at the event multiple windows on the device, but at this stage the prototype is purely for demonstration. The Galaxy Tab S 12.5 tablet has all the hallmarks of a Samsung device, a physical home button with two other on screen keys.

Speculation is that when the Galaxy Tab S 12.5 tabletĀ hits the market it’ll be sporting a Snapdragon 805 or 801 chipset and will be capable of up-scaling 720p and 1080p video. There’s no precise word on when we can expect this tablet to be available although, with Samsung hosting a tablet event in New York later this month, perhaps we can get a better insight.