Images emerge of Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime / Galaxy F


Galaxy F

Galaxy S5 Prime / Galaxy F, Samsung’s alleged metal-made phone.

The Samsung Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime rumour seems like it doesn’t want to die, it was a prominent story before the S5 was launched, now that it’s official and flying off shelves it seems to have piped down a bit. Now the rumour has been given new life, in the shape of some pictures of the purported device being posted by who else than @evleaks.

The images do show a a device which looks very similar to that of the recently release Galaxy S5 with one major difference, the back panel is brushed aluminium, opposed to the S5’s plastic/band-aid look. If the images are believed to be the real deal then it could fit with the S5 Prime’s image of a more premium version of the S5, which will sport a 5.3 inch 2560 x 1440 display and a Snapdragon 805, with the screen resolution putting it in competition with the LG G3.

If this phone is the real deal it supposedly won’t be available until September and could replace the Galaxy S line all together. The September launch means it could be announced in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 4 at the annual IFA conference.

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