Lenovo refreshes its A-Line tablet series with new hardware


LenovoLenovo A10-70.

Lenovo decided to reboot its A-series line of tablets with an array of new additions consisting of various sizes.The tablets,namely the Lenovo A10-70, A8-50, A7-50, and A7-30.

The A7-50 and A7-30 tablets, all feature 7 inch screens. The A7-50 apparently has a “wide-view HD display,” including a MediaTek quad-core processor, both also feature 2MP cameras on the front, 5 MP shooters on the back, and optional 3G connectivity.

The A10-70 is the largest of the group featuring a 10.1 inch wide HD display and comes in at just 9mm thick.It also features a dual front speakers with Dolby sound, and a quad-core processor.


The A8-50 also features dual front speakers with Dolby sound,and as the model number suggests,it features an 8 inch screen. All three new tablets are powered by 1.3GHz quad-core processors, have 1GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and 1280×800 IPS displays,regardless of screen size. Price wise,the tablets will go for £169.99 (A10-70), £139.99 (A8-50), and £99.99 (A7-50).The A7-30 will presumably be cheaper.