Archos 79 Xenon Tablet review – the mid-range, 3G connected tablet


Archos 79 Xenon Tablet Review

With the advance of tablets available on the market these days, office workers who do a lot of travelling often opt for a tablet and keyboard combo when going away on business. This is one of the reasons the Microsoft Surface has done so well, despite numerous criticisms and stiff competition. On the Android market, there are numerous tablets available from the cheap and cheerful, through the mid-range reasonable ones to the high price luxury tablets with all the bells, whistles and pens to suit a gadget geeks’ need. Archos, the French technology company make tablets that suit all rungs of the ladder. This, is the Archos 79 Xenon Tablet review, one of the mid-range tablets.

Archos 79 Xenon Tablet Review:

In this Archos 79 Xenon Tablet Review, we will talk about the hardware, software, camera, battery and any benchmark tests we have done.

Design & Display:

The name of the tablet gives a clue to the size of the screen. This is a  tablet with a 7.85 inch display and it makes good use of that size. There is a substantial bezel on the top and bottom of about an inch wide which allows for easy holding of the device in both portrait and landscape views. The bezel round the edge of the screen is roughly a quarter-inch and frames the device well.

Archos 79 Xenon Tablet Review