Sony teases the next big thing. Is it the Xperia Z2 Ultra?


Xperia Z2 Ultra

Today Sony took it to Twitter to tease us with the arrival of the next big thing this season, Xperia Z2 Ultra.

Sony’s official @SonyXperia Twitter account tweeted the following: “Shh… do you want to know a secret? Stay tuned for the next big thing this season,” which was accompanied by a picture of what it looks like a huge Xperia series device, that makes us wonder if this isn’t a teaser for the Xperia Z2 Ultra, sequel to last year 6-inch Xperia Z Ultra.

Now that the Xperia Z2 is out, it makes perfect sense for Sony to introduce a second generation Xperia Z Ultra phablet with upgraded hardware and software.

The launch could happen within “this season,” the summer season we presume.