Xperia Z2 self cracked screen complaints raise concern


Xperia Z2 self cracked screen

Xperia Z2 self cracked screen complaints raise concern.

Multiple users are reporting that Sony’s latest flagship smartphone – the Xperia Z2 screen has randomly became cracked. Speculation is that the fault is down to the device over heating after heavy use. As you all know Xperia Z2 is made out of glass.

One user on Sony’s support forums complained that the device cracked just from being on a shelf all night not even in use. Sony is reportedly telling users that the warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, which a broken screen usually falls under.

To add further confusion to the scenario, there is a 3rd party website which is reporting that; “Sony will repair certain cracked displays for Xperia Z series”, which has then been posted on an official blog, but Sony’s official line on this problem is to take your phone to your nearest Sony centre.

Hopefully these are just some isolated unfortunate events and not some factory defects. Lets note that the image below shows an Xperia Z2 with a shattered screen as if it was dropped on the ground, rather than a self cracked screen.

Xperia Z2 cracked screen

Have you had this problem? and if so what did Sony do about the mater, let us know in the comments or on Twitter.