Liquid X1, Acer’s octa-core phablet with 4G LTE


Liquid X1

Over the weekend Acer has introduced a handful of new Android devices part of the Liquid series just ahead of Computex 2014, including the Liquid X1, a octa-core phablet which combines 4G LTE connectivity with powerful hardware and great imaging capabilties.

Liquid X1 feature a 5.7-inch display that is powered by a octa-core 1.7Ghz processor with 2GB of RAM and a 13MP main camera with Free Focus (autofocus), Bright Magic (low-light feature) and Motion Tracking with which users can capture moving objects without fear of blurring and snap ‘Selfies’ easily with the wide-angle front camera.

The phone is jam-packed with software features such as Acer Zoom Fit, which adjusts the user interface to just 4-inches when operating the device with one hand is required. In addition it also comes built with the AcerRAPID™ design on the back which allows users to quickly launch the camera, pick up phone calls or their favorite apps with the touch of a finger. With AcerFLOAT™ user interface, app windows can stay open, so users can multitask without having to back out of one app to work on another. The press of the multi-task key brings up the Float Apps where opened apps on a translucent screen float over the function being used.

Liquid X1 will be available from Q3, 2014. No pricing details.