WCR12 and WCH10 wireless charging accessories announced for Xperia Z2


WCR12 and WCH10

WCR12 and WCH10 wireless charging accessories for the Xperia Z2.

After months of speculation that Sony would release an official wireless charging kit for their latest flagship the Xperia Z2, today they have officially unveiled two products. One is the WCR12 wireless charging cover designed to fit the Z2, the other is the WCH10 Wireless charging plate.

The combo of products go hand in hand so that you can wireless charge the Xperia Z2, although if you’re already in possession of a Qi compatible wireless charger, all you need to do is buy the wireless cover for the Z2. As well as enabling you to wirelessly charge your Xperia Z2 handset the case also look pretty stylish and doubles up as a phone stand for watching videos etc.


The case is available in both black and white and weighs in at 66 grams. Unfortunately as of yet no official pricing has been unveiled by Sony, although we can speculate from an Xperia blog post that the cover will retail at £69.99 and the plate will set you back £54.99.