G3 price and availability date semi-confirmed by O2, Three, CPW & Clove


G3 priceLG G3 price and availability date semi-confirmed in the United Kingdom.

At long last, LG unveiled their much rumoured G3 smartphone yesterday in simultaneous press events around the world ranging from London to Seoul.

The events confirmed a lot of what we know about the phone, it’s amazing display and top notch specs, one thing that was left absent was when global consumers could expect to get their hands on the flagship device, except if you live in South Korea where you can expect to get your hands on it from today.

If you live and reside in the United Kingdom then you may have a bit of a longer wait, although; O2, Three, CloveTechnology and The Carphone Warehouse have all confirmed they will be carrying the G3, none of them have confirmed a date, but we have a full price from Clove – £499 VAT included.

There is some information kicking about though, with pre-orders starting early June, O2 has confirmed with us that the G3 will go on sale early July: “The LG G3 will be available to buy on O2 Refresh, the revolutionary tariff that lets customers separate the cost of the phone from the minutes, texts and data they get, from early July.” We can speculate that the much anticipated device will hit the UK’s shores some time in early July.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further information as it comes in.