HTC One M8 Review


HTC One M8 Review

HTC One M8 Review

There’s only some much you can do with a rectangle. Some observers suggest than the smartphone market has become stale and stagnated and that every year releases look the same and lack imagination. Well HTC aren’t having that, last year the One or the M7 blew critics away with its all-aluminium design and was crowned the best phone of 2013.

That makes it all the more impressive that HTC have managed to do the same again this year with the HTC One M8 and cram more power, more pixels and yes, even more aluminium into an even better looking handset.



Let’s start with where the HTC One M8 really stands out and where it has gained the highest percentage of praise.

As you can gauge from the introduction, the M8’s  design is a site to behold HTC had to think long and hard about how they could improve on last year’s M7 design, they managed to make the M8 90% metal up from 70% on last year’s model.

It sounds cliché but the M8’s design is something you need to feel to believe, looking at pictures of it you may think it either looks the same as last year’s variant or doesn’t look a great deal better than the competition, but after handling the device you’ll change your mind instantly.

The curved back allows it to comfortably sit in your hand despite it being made of quite a slippery material, the bottom of the M8 is quite simplistic only containing the headphone jack and the charging port, this is due to; the phone’s stereo speakers being on the front of the device above and below the phone’s 5.0 inch display. Not only does this provide an excellent audio experience it also compliments the design further.