Sony Xperia Z3 leaked with a metal frame and August annoucement (Rumour)


Xperia Z3

The dust from the Xperia Z2‘s launch may have barely settled but that doesn’t stop the rumour mill, no siree!

Word has it that Sony may be readying a second flagship for 2014 in the shape of the Xperia Z3, only three months after Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, where the handset was announced. If the reported August date is to be believed this could leave owners of the Z2 who’ve barely had time to take the protective seal off the screen feeling a little bit irritated.

Photos have emerged showing the purported Xperia Z3 with a metal chassis apposed to the previous generations plastic finish, the Z3 will reportedly come with a PVD (Physical vapor deposition if you were wondering), coating which comes with a list of benefits such as; being more resilient to scratches, better impact resistance, more corrosion-resistant and even better for the environment.


In terms of the phones’ specifications they don’t sound like too much of an improvement over the Z2, the Z3 will reported come with a 1080p display, which seems unusual that Sony wouldn’t opt for Quad HD like most of the competition are reported to be doing. As well as the display, the Z3 will come with an unidentified 2.3 GHz processor backed up by 3GB of RAM and a 20.7 megapixel snapper on the back.