Moto E bootloader can now be officially unlocked


Moto E bootloader

Moto E bootloader unlock tool available through Motorola.

Smartphones with unlocked bootloaders are things of the past with major manufacturers such as HTC, Motorola, Sony and others (excluding Samsung’s international devices) locking down their handsets to prevent tampering.

While this may be good approach to keep the average joe’s phone from accidental or intentional software damage this move may however not quite please those so called enthusiastic Android ‘Power Users’. Those same users who avidly root and subsequently flash their smart gadgets¬† with custom roms/kernels. Luckily several manufacturers offer unlock programs, for instance several devices from Sony , HTC or Motorola can have their bootloader unlocked via official methods.

It now looks like Motorola is willing to provide users to officially unlock their shiny new Moto E bootloader. The support page has also been updated with the three main variants of the Moto E (U.S, Canada and EU). It should come to no surprise that custom rom developers will start porting their roms to the affordable Moto E.

via Motorola


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