O2 to offer Tablets on O2 Refresh starting today


tablets on o2 refresh

The mobile tech industry is a game of parts. There are things best suited for phones (calls, mostly) and some things best left to tablets (reading, playing games, browsing…), so many people have one of each. The trouble is, this can get expensive, despite manufacturers offering their tablets for between £100-£200. The UK mobile network, O2 have come up with a great way of helping to resolve this, by allowing customers to buy tablets on O2 Refresh.

Tablets on O2 Refresh:

If you’re not already aware, O2 Refresh is a scheme where you can buy the latest phones and not be locked to a phone till your contract is ended. Your bill is split in two: your phone bill, and your airtime bill. Once you’ve paid for your phone, you not only own the phone outright, but you’ve also made a saving on the overall price of the phone. If you want a new phone after a year, all you have to do is pay what is remaining of your phone bill and buy the new phone.

What O2 have done is now make sure that customers have the same benefit when buying a new tablet. The same rules apply, there will be a phone bill part (on in this case, tablet bill) and an airtime part to the bill (with data plans ranging from 500MB up to 8GB per month).
Nina Bibby, Marketing and Consumer Director at O2 comments

Only with O2 can you change your tech whenever you like without having to pay the penalty on your airtime.  Encouraging feedback from our customers has led us to launch it on tablets this week so more people can benefit from payments spread overtime or paying off early without penalty.

High end tablets on O2 Refresh:

The other great thing about this offer is that O2 have made available great tablets on O2 Refresh such as the Sony Xperia Tablet Z2, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 (both 8 and 10 inch versions) and the Asus Fonepad. All these tablets are great products, and would make a great companion to a great phone. The only choice you have to make is which one to get.

For more information on O2 Refresh click here. To see what tablets they have and what tariff you’d have to pay, click here.