HTC One M8 Prime first details emerge


M8 Prime

You heard right, an HTC One M8 Prime, if you didn’t think the M8 was premium enough, with its body crafted 90% out of metal and its top notch specs.

Well, apparently all that’s not good enough for HTC with speculation growing of them releasing an even more premium “Prime” model which would take on the rumoured LG G3 and also the widely speculated Galaxy S5 Prime, which Samsung may also release featuring a higher end display and higher quality building materials.

The leaks come courtesy of none other than infamous Twitter user @evleaks who has a pretty good track record of getting these leaks right on the money. He suggests that the M8 Prime will come rocking a 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip backed up by 3 GB of RAM and a glorious 5.5 inch 2,560×1,4440 display also referred to as “2K”.

This move is designed to go head to head with the purported LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 which are both widely reported to come with the same screen resolution. HTC may have a trick up their sleeve in the way of an “Exotic material” that they could be using for the rumoured M8 Prime, some sources suggest it could be a mixture of aluminium (aluminum for our American friends) and liquid silicone. The combination of these two materials provide various thermal benefits, due to the metals high thermal conductivity they are less likely to expand when hot.

The rumour wraps up by claiming that the M8 Prime will have some form of water and dust resistant certificate like HTC’s rivals Samsung and Sony have included in their devices for quite a while.

We are a bit reluctant regarding the final name of the product, most likely HTC wont come out with the name One M8 Prime, because it doesnt sound right, especially that their most fierce competitor, Samsung preps a similar device.



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