Nexus 6 Chimera haunts us again. Is Android Silver the ghostbuster Nexus fans need?


Nexus 6 ChimeraNexus 6 Chimera haunts us again.

Not too long ago we’ve heard rumours about Google potentially dropping the Google Nexus line in favour of a new project called Android Silver, which may include only top of the line Android devices from major manufacturers, but with certain requirements, like a limited amount of pre-installed apps and on-time software updates, much like Apple’s IOS software update system. I guess Google has had it with current OS fragmentation and the increasing amount of lamentation coming from Android users world-wide.

These rumours have resurfaced the other day straight from notorious serial leaker’s fingers @evleaks, who in a few tweets posted on Twitter stated the followings:

There is no Nexus 6. Farewell, Nexus. Don’t worry, there’s a silver lining to this cloud.. Android Silver, circa February 2015.

If his sources are right, which by the way are mostly accurate, Nexus fans may not get the chance to hold / buy a Nexus 6 or any new Nexus phones for that matter, from now on. Nexus 6 Chimera might haunt us all for a long time from now on.

Android Silver project could go live as soon as early next year, unfortunately we have no idea if these top-tier phones will cost as much as the original flagship’s or if Google will subsidize the series.

What say you?