Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate earphones are LG’s first wearable devices


Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate earphones

Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate earphones LG’s first wearable gadgets.

LG is dipping its toe into the wearables market starting later this month, introducing its new line of fitness products, split into two categories. Starting with the LG Lifeband Touch which will be the brands fitness band and also the Heart Rate earphones which will measure the user’s heart beat.

The new products will be available to consumers in the U.S by May 18th with Asian and European markets coming a few weeks later. The Lifeband Touch works in the same way as most smartwatches / fitness bands with a bright OLED display which gives users access to a range of fitness data and workout plans.

The LifeBand Touch has a variety of sensors built-in and can sync data to a range of apps including; LG Fitness, MyFitnessPal and Runkeeper. You’ll also be able to view messages, incoming calls and control music on both Android and iOS.

The Heart Rate headphones do pretty much exactly what they say on the tin, measure your heart rate and allow you to listen to music. LG reckons they provide more accurate heart rate data over sensors that work through your finger and other areas through analyzing blood flow information. The headphones then sync the collected data back to your smartphone via bluetooth.

We don’t have any information on pricing or a UK release date quite yet, but we’ll let you know as soon as we hear.