Archos unveiled ArcBook, the 10.1″ netbook for students and business, running Android


Archos unveiled ArcBook

This  morning, the french technology company Archos unveiled the ArcBook, making waves in the Netbook field. A 10.1″ netbook with touch screen, trackpad, full size keyboard and running on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

Archos unveiled ArcBook:

Archos are better known for good, affordable tablets and phones. But today, they threw their hat into the netbook ring and did so with a sizable hat: Priced at “under £139.99” (although that remains to be confirmed as their email was a little ambiguous saying both “under £139.99” and “£TBA”) and to be available from June, the 10.1″ inch Netbook could be the cheapest out there, undercutting Google’s own Chromebook by a factor of £100.

Some may argue, however, that it’s nothing than a table with a keyboard stuck to it. There weren’t many clear pictures to go on in either the email we received, or the webpage, but it looks like the keyboard doesn’t detach from the screen, meaning that if you just wanted to use the screen (to play a touch game like Clash of Clans for example) then you would still have to stand it up like a laptop and reach over the keyboard and trackpad (whether you’d be able to use the trackpad instead of touching the screen is unclear).

Saying that, the Archos unveiled ArcBook does some promising features, such as a 10.1″ touchscreen, full Android 4.2 Jelly Bean integration with access to the Google Play store and comes preloaded with Office Suit Pro 6, making it easy to write class notes and business reports. If Office Suit Pro doesn’t take your fancy, you could always use Google Docs. The ArcBook also has some reasonable hardware specs with an ARM Cortex A9 1.2GHz Dual-Core processor, 1GB RAM and a 10.1″ touchscreen with a resolution of 1024×600. It’s powered by a 8000mAh battery and has full sized USB 2.0 slot as well as two Micro USB slots (one for Charging I guess) with a Micro USB slot and Audio Jack. The device it self has 8GB of storage (or less, after the OS).

If the price of the Archos unveiled ArcBook is correct at £139.99, then this will make it a very affordable Netbook and a reasonable priced 10.1 inch tablet with attached keyboard. We’ll be contacting Archos to confirm this and see if we can get a release date.

Stay tuned, but in the mean time, have a look at the Archos unveiled Arcbook on the Archos Website.