10 million Samsung Galaxy S5 reportedly shipped in 25 days


Galaxy S5 price

Samsung has yet achieved another milestone with its Galaxy S5 shipments which clocked in at 10 million units, nearly a month after being released in more than 125 countries.

The Korean report cites no official statements or figures but the South Korean giant is expected to announce its official numbers in a few weeks. 10 million may not sound much but it’s nevertheless worth noting that its predecessor, the Galaxy S4 only managed to achieve this in 27 days, two more days than the Galaxy S5 while the Galaxy S3 clocked up that figure in 50 days.

Samsung’s overall smartphone business is already showing signs of stagnation as less people at tempted to upgrade, yet the Galaxy S5 is still selling like hot cakes. If this trend continues the company will soon ship much more units in the next quarters.

Keep in mind that this number only concerns unit shipments, not actual sale figures by any means. It’ll also be interesting to sell how the rumoured beefier ‘premium Galaxy S5’ dubbed ‘Prime’ fares compared to the regular Galaxy S5 but only time will tell if that device will ever be released.

via hankyung