LG G2 review – Still making a statement in 2014


LG G2 reviewLG G2 review

LG Electronics have started to make real inroads into the smartphone market in recent years, after having initially being sidelined by the likes of Samsung and HTC, they turned heads with the launch of their Optimus G smartphone, and now they’re back again with the critically acclaimed LG G2, packing more power, better battery life and a gorgeous display.

It’s large, it’s brimming to the top with high-end specs and comes with more bells and whistles than you can shake a stick at, even coming close the S4 in terms of features to show off to your friends.

The lay G2 has garnered some criticism though, with critics suggesting it’s an “S4 clone” and it’s not hard to see where those critics are coming from, it has a similar looking design and also the same percentage of plastic as its fellow Korean sibling.

Another area where the G2 has received mixed reviews is with the odd placement of the volume keys and power button, which are awkwardly placed on the back of the device which LG has defended as saying they were listening to customer demands monitoring their usage. After spending some time with the phone, these issues become less and less of a problem as LG has some pretty neat ways to get around it.

Lets get into LG G2 review!


The first thing you notice about the phone is its sleek, minimalistic design. Yes, it’s heavy on the plastic but it still looks eye-catching, once you press that awkwardly placed power button on the back, or double tap the screen you’ll see a beautiful 5.2 inch 1920 x 1080 display awaken, LG have managed to cram an impressive 424 pixels per inch into the screen and it really shows, videos look amazing, text pops out the screen and your photos look true to life.

Round the back of the device you’ll see the aforementioned awkwardly placed volume and power buttons sitting just below the phone’s 13 megapixel snapper and LED flash.


There’s also a pretty beasty battery powering this thing, a 3,000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery to precise, and this thing can run all day long with some pretty intense use, but more on that later.

The G2 has a large 5.2 inch display, but it never feels too large in the hands I have pretty big hands so I can comfortably reach all the corners with one hand, but even so LG’s rounded edges and lack of buttons on the side and front make it a very ergonomic device.

LG’s reasoning for putting some of the main buttons on the backside of the device is that it’s naturally where your fingers go when you’re making a phone call, which is definitely true, but for watching videos, listening to music etc. this is less true and it can prove awkward to adjust the volume.