Latest Android version figures out: KitKat on the rise, Jelly Bean down


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Latest Android version figures are out and KitKat is on the rise, Jelly Bean going down.

Google has just published its monthly Android distribution numbers and it’s time to go through the figures. At first glance it’s clear that the latest Android version – Kitkat has once again managed to snatch a significant portion of the pie from its predecessor, Jelly Bean.

All Android KitKat versions combined accounted for 8.5% of the total share last month, up from 5.3% in March. Jelly Bean 4.2.x also managed to grab some more share in contrast to the first and second Jelly Bean versions (4.1.x and 4.3) which lost 0.9% from last time’s 34.4% to just 33.5% last month while Android 4.3 declined to 8.5% respectively. To sum up, all Jelly Bean versions fell from 61.4% to 60.8%.

The rest of the statistics are fairly similar to last month’s data. As expected Gingerbread devices saw a steep fall from 17.8%, down to 16.3%, an overall decrease of 1.5% which further points to the eventual demise of this platform version. So did Ice Cream Sandwich which stalled at 13.4% while Froyo lost 0.1% and stands at an insignificant 1.0%, all seems to indicate that Froyo should no longer be around in the coming months if this trends continues.

via Android Developers


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