Galaxy S III receives Android 4.4, build L710VPUCND8 on Sprint


Samsung-Galaxy-SIIIGalaxy SIII receives Kitkat, build L710VPUCND8 on Sprint

Yes, its been a hell of a long time since Google introduced KitKat and Samsung Electronics is only now starting to roll out a software update build L710VPUCND8 to the Galaxy SIII that will upgrade it to Android 4.4, at least on Sprint it will.

According to Sprint’s announcement the firmware is available as of May 1st and it is spreading out in stages (not all S3 users connected to Sprint will get the update at the same time) via a OTA (over the air) distribution.

So, if you have a Galaxy SIII connected to Sprint carrier, its time to check for the latest firmware build L710VPUCND8, because it will bring KitKat to your phone after installation is complete.

This could also be a hint that Samsung si ready to push out KitKat globally. We cant really confirm it at this point, but be sure to keep an eye on our daily reports, as we will keep you posted on the latest development.

Got it already? Let us know in the comments below, how’s your phone performing now that it is upgraded to Android 4.4.