Motorola sends out invites to May 13 Smartphone Launch Event


Motorola’s May 13 smartphone launch event takes place in London, UK.

The other day Motorola send out invites to press for an event that they have scheduled for May 13th in London. The event is supposed to unveil to the world “the next smartphone from Motorola to make these connections happen.” A smartphone “made to last” and “priced for all.”

May 13 Smartphone Launch

May 13 Smartphone Launch Event

Although the press invite that we received yesterday in our inbox doesnt clearly states the name Moto E, recent rumours and leaks are clearly indicating towards the $50 smartphone that Dennis Woodside spoke about at the beginning of 2014. It may not be that cheap, but from the rumour mill Moto E is bound to be an even more affordable device than Moto G one of the best, if not the best-selling mid-range Android smartphone.

We’ve also heard rumours about Motorola’s 2014 flagship phone, a sequel to last year Moto X, that could be marketed as Moto X+1 (Plus One), but we doubt Motorola will unveil its flagship later this month in London.

Whether the May 13 Smartphone Launch event is for the affordable for everyone Moto E or for the 2014 flagship phone Moto X+1, we will surely cover it. Stay tuned for more!