GO Launcher EX 5.0 Beta program starts now



You can’t own an Android device and not know or at least tried one app developed by GO Launcher Dev Team. GO Launcher EX is probably one of the most notorious apps that they’ve created.

The development team behind GO Launcher EX has just announced on Facebook that they are opening a beta test program. The program includes the latest version of GO Launcher EX 5.0, a “redesigned from start to finish, bringing not only a new looking, but also a set of new features. It targets to bring users simple and intelligent mobile experiences.”

So, if you would like to join their beta program send them a message on their Facebook page or an email to golauncher@goforandroid.com and they will send you the Activation code based on application basis. Just be aware that the amount of invitations are extremely limited!

There is even a video teaser published on YouTube, if you want to check it out hit the Play button below.


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