Google’s sacred Nexus range to be replaced by Android Silver?


android silver

We’ve heard a couple of rumours in the past that Google Nexus line – the range of cut price smartphones with killer specs, stock Android and nice hardware to boot was going to be axed. This latest rumour centres around Android Silver, a name we heard a few months back.

Silver would work very much in the same way as Nexus does now, it would be manufactured by the current cream of the crop of Android manufacturers (Samsung, LG, Sony etc.) with the hardware specifications coming straight from Google themselves, running a clean, stock version of Android and also being the first in line to receive updates to the newest version.

This new venture will also supposedly have a much bigger retail presence, with stores having a particular section inside promoting the line, Google are reportedly pumping $1 billion into advertising, which will presumably, cover online, in-store and other mediums.

This could be a huge leap into the mainstream for stock Android devices, if the new Android Silver line features high-end hardware it could prove to be incredibly popular as the Nexus range always had to sacrifice something to fit in with the price ( Most notably the camera).

It’ll be interesting to see what Google have up their sleeves in the coming months. Is this fact or fiction? Let us know what you think about Android Silver in the comments and on Twitter.