LG V400 and V700 Passed FCC Testing



Two new LG tablets likely to be new members of the G Pad series, have passed FCC testing. They are called LG V400 and V700. The V400 is the smallest of the pack, while the V700 is a full-sized, plus-ten-inch tablet.

The LG V400 couldĀ be the successor to the original LG G Pad 8.3. Its size should be comparable to its predecessor’s, and it internals should be upped to the current flagship standards. The V700 on the other hand, is probably a Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 competitor. We bet on top-notch specs here, as well as a Quad HD display. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to extract exact information for these products. We were only able to provide you the drawings of the tablets. The LG V400 is shown above, and the V700 is just below:

LG-V700-480x286These two LG tablets are likely heading towards a summer release. There’s a chance they might be revealed at IFA 2014, but it may happen sooner.

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