HTC One M8 mini heading to Verizon [Rumor]


htc one m8 s-off

It seems news relating to HTC’s One M8 isn’t going to die any time soon, this time it’s in the shape of the HTC One M8 mini, with the ever impressing Twitter user @evleaks suggesting that it’s going to be heading to US carrier Verizon.

Unfortunately @evleak’s information is pretty spare, it doesn’t go any further than suggesting the suspected carrier, we have no information on when we can expect to see the HTC One M8 receive a younger brother, or what the specs will weigh up to.

Although, from previous mini releases across the spectrum we can take a guess and say that the release date will fall some time in the next 2-3 months when the buzz of the bigger M8 has disappeared. Regarding the specs, we can assume that it won’t be as powerful as it’s taller sibling, which usually spells a lower price tag too.