New Android Dialer surfaces on Twitter, courtesy of @GoogleNexus



Several rumours fuelled by allegedly leaked screenshots are already indicating that Google is planning to revamp the current Android UI and the whole icon-set, but the company has yet to comment on those rather solid reports.

It however appears that the official Google Nexus Twitter account accidentally spilled the beans and offered us a glimpse of what’s coming next. The Android default (stock) dialer will apparently undergo some noticeable changes concerning the colour scheme, as seen with the comparison below the current greyish tones have been replaced with a light blue colour, the phone icon was completely axed while the building graphic in the background has been shrunken.

new dailer vs old

This could somehow indicate that Google is actively reworking essential Apps or possibly deprecating even more core AOSP apps and publishing their Google-branded equivalent to the Play Store, just as they did for Messaging, the Music player, Gallery, Calender or even the stock browser and the Camera app to name a few, all of which have all been rendered obsolete by their Play Store equivalent (Play Music, Photos, Google Calendar, Chrome and Google Camera respectively). All seems to indicate that the default dialer is the next on the list, although we’d probably have to wait for a new Android build to confirm it.

It is currently unknown if this new dialer will make it into Android 4.4.3, the next major Android version or be offered in the Play Store for GPE or any specific devices.

via @Google Nexus, Android Police