Champagne Gold G Watch coming later this year


Champagne Gold G WatchChampagne Gold G Watch

Not so long ago Google introduced its newest wearable platform called Android Wear, a platform on which Motorola and LG Electronics will build wearable devices such as Moto 360 and the G Watch.

Although LG hasn’t released the full details on the hardware of its wearable G Watch at launch, a dedicated product page has been published today, giving us a much closer look at the watch itself. According to the details published on this page, the G Watch will be sold in Stealth Black and Champagne Gold colors later this year. The G Watch is somewhat water and dust resistant and it also come with a screen that never sleeps, meaning the screen will always be ON, that s how great the battery life is.

No further details has been given by the manufacturer on the hardware underneath this stylish looking watch and no exact date of availability either, but keep an eye on our daily reports as we will keep you posted as soon as we have more.

Looking to get an Android Wear smartwatch this year? Which one?