Alleged OnePlus One press image surface, backplate designs too


OnePlus One press imageOnePlus One press image

In its quest to design the perfect smartphone, Pete Lau former exec (left the Chinese company not too long ago) at Oppo has founded OnePlus, a new and ambitious project set to take on the biggest mobile makers out there.

OnePlus One is the name of the first smartphone of the company, a device which is schedule to launch in just a couple of days (April 23) in Beijing. Yes, we know, the name is not that inspiring, but despite that, the Android community received Lau’s project with praise.

In mid-March sketches of what could be the final design of the phone have leaked online revealing a somewhat curved back, like the one on the Moto X or the Galaxy Nexus. OnePlus One has a thin siluhette and it features a 5.5-inch Full HD screen, size confirmed by the young company through social media channels.


This weekend a couple of OnePlus One press images have been posted on the Internet, in which is allegedly shown off the front and the left side of the handset (see top image), along with several backplate designs. Aside from OnePlus One press image that allegedly leaked out, OnePlus also released a few photographs taken at 4K resolution.

More on the OnePlus One phone specs, price and availability on Wednesday, right after its official unveil.