Two New LTE-Enabled Moto G Versions Leak, Moto G LTE And Moto G Ferrari Edition


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Moto G Ferrari Edition and Moto G LTE-enabled variant to launch later this year in Mexico

The Moto Gis undoubtedly one of the best devices of its class. It’s got powerful hardware, and it’s sold for a dirt-cheap price. We heard that Motorola will release two new versions of the popular Moto G, one of them will be a LTE-enabled 16GB model, whereas the other one will be a special Moto G Ferrari edition.

The Moto G LTE will have exactly the same specs as its 3G-only brother, but will come exclusively with 16GB on-board storage. It will be released in Mexico around June this year.

The Moto G Ferrari Edition will feature a distinctive design inspired by the Italian car manufacturer. We still don’t know how it looks like, but we are sure it will be nothing short of amazing. Hardware-wise, it will be identical to the regular variant of the device, with a chance of touting a LTE modem. It will be released in Mexico the second half of the year.

The Moto G LTE will cost 3439 Mexican pesos ($263). That said, there’s still no word on the price of the Ferrari edition.