G3 Mini (LG-D725) already in the works with 720p display & 8MP camera?


G3 mini

Even though the recently announced LG G2 Mini is not actually a mini phone judging by the size of the screen (4.7-inch in diagonal), and it’s not impressive in the hardware department either, some folks may fancy such devices. Most tech analysts consider the G2 Mini a disappointment on all aspects: hardware, software, pricing too, even LG Electronics seem to consider it a letdown, as the OEM begin working on the next-generation, the G3 Mini, or does he?

Alleged LG G3 Mini documentation has leaked on the web over the weekend hinting at a 720p HD display and a 8MP camera sensor capable to take photos at 3264 x 2248 pixels resolution. Since this is still a mini device, we are expecting it to sport a screen somewhere between 4.5 to 4.7 inch in diagonal as it wont make sense for a mini handset to feature a larger screen.

While the upcoming flagship LG G3 is known for its codename “LG B2” with four models namely LG-D850, LG-D851, LG-LS990 & LG-VS985, the G3 Mini is refered to as LG B2mini (model number LG-D725 for AT&T) in the leaked documentation.

Right now this is all we have, but stay tuned for more in the following weeks as we are pretty sure that more details will surface.

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