MediaTek chip powered Nexus phone coming at cheap later this year?


MediaTek chip powered Nexus

MediaTek chip powered Nexus phone on a budget coming later this year?

Some have speculated that Google could drop the Nexus series in the near future, as the company is hard at work developing the first modular smartphone, Google ARA. However its highely unlike for Google to kill the critically acclaimed Nexus line-up as they sell like hot cakes.

Furthermore, we’ve heard countless rumours about Google prepping at least 2 new Nexus devices this year, one being the Nexus 8 tablet and the second one is the Nexus 6 smartphone. Aside from these two devices we could be in for a big surprise.

A new set of rumours coming from “trusted insiders” through the Taiwan chain of supplys hint at a $100 MediaTek chip powered Nexus smartphone.

Such device could be a major hit on the emerging markets, and Googe has already acknowledged that, all thanks to Motorola’s Moto G success.

Google Nexus is one of the most attractive smartphone series right now, and thats because Google has managed to maintain an affordable price while deliviring top-notch hardware, and with over 1 billion active smartphone users world-wide right now, and other 5 billion waiting to migrate from feature phones to smartphones, a under $100 Nexus phone with the latest Android OS version could easily become the best-ever selling phone.

Would you be interested in acquiring such a smartphone?

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