LG G3 mockup gives us a glimpse at how the phone will look like


LG G3 mockup

LG G3 leaks continue to make the rounds on the Internet. The latest comes from Bulgaria, where the source of this LG G3 mockup, Nixanbal website claim that it has seen the actual device and that it measured it against the Galaxy S5.

Nixanbal confirms all the rumours so far, including the Quad HD (2560 x 1440) display, but it downplays the 16MP camera sensor, instead the Bulgarians claim the G3 will feature a 13MP main camera. The handset is somewhere around 5.5-inch in diagonal “the display of the LG G3 was about an inch higher than the Galaxy S5″ and it has a polycarbonate housing with a matte finish.

LG Electronics could launch its 2014 later next month, that if we were to believe the rumours.

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