Insight into Google’s updated Gmail and Calendar apps


There’s been a fresh new batch of screenshots leak out of Redmond showing us Google’s intention on the future of its Calendar and Gmail Android apps. Google reportedly wants to bring its web. iOS and Android apps closer together in look and feel.


The facelift is being dubbed “Project Hera” the visual face-lift consists of a more colourful UI, which Google are using as a way to differentiate between the different apps, although looking at the apps, they don’t look a million miles away fro m the current version. As well as a visual change there’s also new features added to view contacts birthdays and also see what your itinerary is for the day.

According to an anonymous tipster on Reddit the screen shot showing a red banner is the most likely to be the real deal, whereas the blue one could just be a fake and even if the red one if the legit screenshot, these are just early designs and even if they design does see the light of day it could end up looking completely.

This UI change will bring the two apps more in tune with Google Now’s card interface way of displaying information. Not a great deal is clear at this moment in time but it should all become crystal at Google’s  I/O keynote which will be held in June.


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