Sony investigate claims Xperia Z2’s front panel and frame come with a gap


Sony may have only recently launched their Xperia Z2 device but there is already growing criticism from users that there is issues with the phone’s hardware, namely a pretty noticeable gap petruding between the front panel and the frame.


A thread was started on Hardwarezone where a list of users claimed their device had the same issue, Sony mobile made this statement shortly after;

“We are aware of some users’ concern on the waterproofing capability of the Xperia Z2 due to the presence of gap(s) and are currently looking into this issue. In the meantime, users who wish to [sic] may bring their Xperia Z2 to any service center to have our staff conduct a water resistant test.”

Although the bezel complaint has been the most numerous, there is also other issues which users are reporting such as; the camera overheating and shutting down while the phone is taking a lot photos or during shooting 4K video, Sony have also released a statement addressing this issue.

“We are aware of some users encountering issues when shooting 4K video for extended periods. Shooting movies in high quality 4K resolution can make significant demands on your phone’s processor and battery life, as well as phone memory. Therefore for the best experience, we recommend you install a high capacity SD card (Xperia Z2 can take a card up to 128GB) and shoot 4K video in short bursts of no longer than a few minutes at a time.”