HTC One Ace (M8) rumour mill starts up with blurred leaked image


Yes, you heard me correctly, the HTC One Ace. The dust has barely settled on the launch of the HTC One M8 and Google Play edition M8, but the never ending wheels of the rumour mill have began to churn again, as a leaked image courtesy of; who other, than @evleaks showcases a blurred image of a slightly elongated HTC One M8, which is reportedly the HTC One M8 Max.

htc one ace

We heard rumours of a M8 Max around about a month ago, before the regular One M8 was officially unveiled, we can presume that the Max implies it’s a larger version of the popular handset, although some have speculated that it could be HTC dipping their toe into the tablet market.

It’s unclear why the notorious@evleaks has decided to blur this HTC One Ace image, but I’m sure that the identity of the device will become more and more clear as this rumour gets closer to becoming a fact.